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Tip for Selling Cars

To sell a used car you need to be aware that there is often a 10 to 20 percent difference in the amount you will get as a trade-in and what you will probably get for the selling old cars on your own. However, trading-in your vehicle means you donít have the hassle selling used cars. Although if you donít mind dealing with phone calls at all hours, interacting with other individuals and the associated paperwork hassles then you may be able to sell a car yourself and get more money. If you need help knowing how to sell a used car then you need to consider the following tips on selling cars.


First, it is best not to drive around with a sign on your car advertising the fact that you are selling it. This can encourage a number of opportunity crimes. Rather take the time to place a for sale ad in the local newspaper or online. This way you have the opportunity to screen individuals who call and find individuals that you are comfortable meeting with in person.

Stay Safe

Second, if you are going to meet with a prospective buyer then be sure you select a location that is safe and public. If possible, meeting at your workplace can be an excellent choice. You want to avoid inviting strangers to your home. It is also a good idea to list acceptable times to call in your ad or times when you donít want to be called. This can rule out the inconvenience of getting calls at all hours of the day and can help you spot individuals who donít completely read and follow your instructions.

Be Objective

Whenever you are describing your vehicle for sale be sure to do it objectively. Tell which flaws you know of and what relevant documents you have including service work invoices. Be sure you inform the buyer if the used car needs brakes or a transmission. It is only right to play fair with the buyer and can eliminate the worry about irate individuals. If the vehicle you are selling has a problem that make it a hazard to operate then you shouldnít not let individuals operate the vehicle without knowing what they are getting. If a vehicle has this severe of problems it may also be a good idea to get the problems fixed before placing the car up for sale or listing it as a vehicle that isnít currently in operational condition.

Get Information

Before you allow anyone to drive the vehicle, you want to see a driverís license and proof of insurance. You should also be sure that the driver is at least eighteen years old. You donít want someone who isnít insured driving your vehicle, much less someone who is an unattended minor. If someone is under eighteen you can insist that a parent or other guardian be there before allowing a test drive. You should also be wary of someone who doesnít have insurance since you could be left responsible if an accident occurs during the test drive. Write down the entire driverís license info of the individual who is test-driving the vehicle before handing them the keys.

Final Preparations

Lastly, donít give the buyer the title or keys until your receive payment in full and remove the license plates. Have a bill of sale that lists the make/model/year of the car including mileage and the names of everyone involved. Donít accept personal checks. If you leave your license plates attached then you can still be liable for any traffic tickets that are linked to the license plate number. This is why it is also important that you immediately notify the DMV in your state that the vehicle has been sold as well as your insurance carrier.
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