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The Benefits of Rebuilt Engines

A rebuilt car engine is also known as an overhauled engine. It is basically a car engine that has be dismantled, inspected, cleaned and either repaired or replaced so that it is up to date and meets current manufacturer specifications. While a rebuilt car engine require a lot of labor, they are cheaper than buying replacement engines. A car engines repair company will offers rebuilt engines as original, slightly used or brand new and most will come with a manufacturer warranty. When you use rebuilt car engines you will be extending the life of your vehicle and can be a cost saving option compared to car engines repair. First, consider the difference between a rebuilt car engine and overhauled engines.

What Are Rebuilt Engines With rebuilt car engines, a mechanic can choose to save or fix parts based on how much damage or wear there is. Only the manufacturer of the engine is authorized to remanufacture the engine. A lot of special machining is done to make sure the rebuilt engine works well. With an overhauled car engine, only a few parts will be replaced and at full cost and old parts arenít often fixed which wonít do much to help extend the life of your vehicle.

The Rebuilding Process Rebuilt car engines often require machining. One machining process is often to reform the piston-cylinder system. With this process, the cylinder channels are re-bored and the pistons are refitted so they can fit the larger cylinders. All the bearings are made smooth and lubricated. Other processes include re-grounding the crankshaft or camshaft, resurfacing the heads and connecting rods that have been machined and precisely gauged. If other parts are less expensive they will be replaced with new parts such as timing belt, gaskets and belts.


Even though there is the fact that a rebuilt engine wonít be guaranteed as long as a new engine there is the advantage that your engine has been completely inspected. If your engine has stopped working a for one reason, rebuilding the engine may lead you to discovering and preventing other problems with your engine that you would otherwise miss by simply correcting the original problem.

With a rebuilt engine, you also have the advantage of knowing that all your parts meet current OEM or original equipment manufacturer specifications. These requirements may have changed from when your engine was first produced and upgrading to these requirements can help your engine run more efficiently and smoothly. It is a good idea to consider rebuilding any car engine with over a hundred thousand miles.

Many times individuals arenít aware that there are other options aside from buying a brand new engine once the old one stops working. There are plenty of options that allow you to get a second hand engine; while it may not have new parts, it can still provide the necessary functions for years. That is why rebuilt engines are a wonderful and helpful option for those who donít have the money to go out and buy a new car or engine when the old one stops running.

To help with this the Automotive Repair Council is starting to inform consumer about the benefits they get from using a rebuilt engine and use machine shop services rather than buying a new vehicle or engine. This council is focused on using rebuilt engines and proving to individuals that they are as good as if not better than the original engine. You can now get a sixteen-page consumer booklet through this council that will give you all the relevant information you need to know about choosing and buying rebuilt car engines.
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