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Proper Exterior Car Care

Often individuals are under the wrong assumption that it is difficult and time consuming to properly take care of a cars exterior with all the exterior trim and door seals to worry about. However, with the proper products and following the washing and drying steps below you can properly take care of the exterior of your car.

Choosing a Cleaner

You donít need to spend a fortune on special car cleaners. Rather you can use a mild liquid soap provided you dilute it well enough. A liquid soap is perfect for removing grease, dirt and film without damaging the exterior of your vehicle. You will also be able to spend a lot less when cleaning your car than if you bought specialized products. However, if you want to properly detail your vehicle you will have to buy specialized products such as detailing clay bars.


First, you want to use water to rinse your vehicle in order to remove loose dirt and grime from the surface. It is best to wash your car in a shaded area since you want the surface of your car to be cool. If your car is in the sun or too hot then the soapsuds will dry and leave stains on your vehicle, requiring you to wash again.


To remove stains and dirt that is stuck on you need to use a car wash mitt or sponge. Simply pour some liquid soap into a bucket of water and squeeze the sponge or mitt to create some good foam. You always want to use different water for cleaning and rinsing.


After you have scrubbed the surface, you want to wash it a second time. It is best to start at the roof and proceed to the bottom. Move from the front to the back of the car. This prevents you from spreading the dirt around and scratching the finish with debris you pick up from the bottom of the vehicle. Before you place the sponge or mitt back in the bucket you want to use a hose to rinse the dirt off to keep the soap in the bucket as clean as possible. It is also a good idea to use a separate sponge for the bottom of the car where there is the most dirt.


After you have thoroughly washed the car you can run clean water over it. Make sure you remove all excess soap. Once you think you are done then be sure to do a second rinse again just to be sure. This way you can be sure you have thoroughly removed all dirt and remaining soap. Pay special attention to areas where dirt and soap can gather such as the handles.


For proper tire and wheel care you was to use a separate mitt or sponge. If you use the same mitt or sponge, you will be transferring the brake dust and dirt to other parts of the car, which can scratch the surface. In addition, the wheels will need a more durable sponge in order to adequately scrub them clean.


When it comes to washing and drying a vehicle, most donít actually think about the drying process. Drying is important since it prevents the formation of water spots. If you donít properly dry your vehicle then you may have to wash it again for the purpose of removing swirls and water spots. It is best to use a chamois in order to dry excess water from the vehicle before it air dries and leaves behind unsightly marks. Using these tips can help you to properly clean the exterior of your car and leave it looking like new.
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