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How to Properly Use Car Care Tools

Whether you are maintaining a classic car or simply desire to keep your car looking great, you want to use the best car care products. Using car care products can keep your car looking like new and can maintain the value of your vehicle by protecting it from harmful elements. Elements like the sun, dirt, salt and debris can quickly damage the finish on your car. Protecting your carís finish is a lot easier and quicker than you may think. With car detailing products in between car polishing you will be able to keep your car looking good and provide it with an extra layer of protection.

Preparing Your Car

Before using a car polish, you want to properly wash your car. It is best to use a car care cleaner designed specifically for cars since they donít have abrasives like most household cleaning products. Often you can get car care kits, which contain all the right products for your car. The goal of washing your vehicle is to prevent damage and you can only do this by using the right car care products.


When you wash your car, you want to avoid doing it in direct sunlight since this can lead to damage. You also want to avoid cleaning after driving it or at least provide the motor with time to cool down first. When you are ready to start, pour a small amount of car care cleaner into a bucket of cool water. Wet your car down with a hose first and then use a car wash mitt often found in car care kits to remove any dirt and grime. Never use a high-pressure sprayer or hose to remove debris. After washing, you need to carefully dry your car before moving on to car polishing.


Drying your car is a very important step before using car polish. You want to use a towel made from 100% cotton. Use the towels to pat your car dry rather than wiping. This prevents scratches from happening. You want to start at the top of the vehicle and then move down. Once the car is completely dry, you will need terrycloth or special towels from car care kits for the car polish. This prevents you from scratching the finish and makes sure you evenly apply the car polish. You will often need to apply one or two products for adequate car polishing and then a few more to make your vehicle shine.


Car waxes are all different so you should read the directions carefully before beginning. Always start from the top of your vehicle and work down to the bottom. Work in small patches and rub in a circular motion. Allow the car detailing products to dry and then buffing it. Donít apply a lot of pressure and be sure to use light touch on corners with car detailing products since these areas have thinner layers of paint.

After Care

You need to take proper care of your car cleaning products as well. Once you are done with your polish towels, you should wash them with a liquid fabric softener to keep them in the best condition. Car waxes and car care cleaner are all different so you want to take the time to read directions and find how soon you will need to repeat the process.


Keeping your car looking its best will depend on several factors. The time of the year, where you live, how you store your car and how often you drive it. Generally, a car should be waxed every four to six months, but this depends on the factors listed above. If a car is black, white or red it will have to be waxed more often. Using the best car waxes and products will make sure you car stays looking like new for years to come.
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