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Choosing the Best Used Cars

Buying used cars is always a good choice, but you need to do your research in order to get good used cars. Consider the following if you want to get the best used cars. Nissan used cars often dominate the list, but every year that may change based on the top vehicles from the year before. Before you buy a used car, consider the following list to make sure you are getting one of the top used cars.

Compact Sedan

For a compact sedan, you want to consider the Hyundai Elantra, which first became a good used car after it was redesigned in 2001. The Elantra offers solid quality, reliability, a smooth ride and good economy. With the GT version, you can get a hatchback style to give you extra cargo capacity. There was also the improvement of sport-turned suspension to improve how well the car handles. The Elantra is also a good pick because it scored high in test scores. For a used car that offers interior room and fuel efficiency, you want to consider the Hyundai Elantra.

Midsize Sedan

If you are looking for a midsize sedan then your best choice is the Toyota Camry. This car features good quality and well-known reliability. While the similar Honda Accord is sportier, the Camry offers more benefits. The 2007 model of the Camry began offering more room, more luxury features and a better transmission that offers more performance and better fuel efficiency. In addition, there is now a hybrid option that offers excellent fuel economy.

Large Sedan

For those who need more room the Hyundai Azera comes out on top as a large sedan. This vehicle offers a luxury appearance both inside and out as well as a number of luxury features for little money. With Azera, you also get a solid build, good quality and reliability. A smooth ride and refined performance along with strong test scores makes the Azera an impressive large sedan option.


If you are looking for a good used convertible, you want to consider the Mazda Miata. The Miata offers the best in responsive and communicative steering thanks to an excellent engine and transmission. The Miata is not only an excellent convertible, but it is also available in a price range that all individuals can afford. In addition, you get good reliability, fuel economy and aftermarket accessories with the Miata, which makes them better than other convertibles on the market.


The best wagon on the used car market is the Pontiac Vibe, which offers you the best combination of style, space, smooth operation and reliable performance. The Vibe offers a practical choice for all individuals. You get a great value and a more attractive wagon when choosing the Vibe over other used wagons on the market.


If you are looking for an SUV, you want to consider the Mitsubishi Endeavor. This SUV offers reliable performance and comfortable interior. Along with good crash test scores, the Endeavor is a wonderful used SUV choice for the family or just those who need some space.


When it comes to trucks, the best-used option is the Ford F-150. There are many reasons why the F-150 has been the top selling new and used vehicle for the last two decades. The F-150 offers a wide range of cab styles, a comfortable interior, a precise ride, smooth power and the best brakes of any truck on the market today.


Lastly, if you want a hybrid you should consider the Toyota Prius. The second-generation Prius features a design that provides more passenger and cargo space than the first-generation models. As a result, you get reasonable room while still having a compact car that fits within most tight spaces. Of course, the biggest draw to the Prius is its fuel economy and easy performance.
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