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Choosing the Best Car Seats

As a new parent, you have many choices to make and you will often become overwhelmed. One of the many choices you face is finding the best car seats to protect your baby. You have your child to worry about so you want to make sure you are choosing safe car seats and not cheap car seats that won't protect your child during an accident. While the decision process is difficult, it is very important that you take the time to choose the best baby car seat.

Types of Seats

In order to determine which car seats are best for your child you need to determine which meet your individual needs. In order to do this you need to know about the different types of car seats and each of their unique features.

First, there are rear-facing baby car seats designed only for infants between five to twenty pounds. These baby car seats often have a handle so you can take the seat with you.

Some have a framework that allows you to lock it into the car or a stroller. These baby car seats provide an easy solution to dealing with the car seat belt. If you are going to choose this option, you want to make sure the seat is angled at 45 degrees. It is best to get these portable car seats with angle indicators or built-in angle adjusters so you make sure you are putting it in the right position.

Then there are the convertible car seats. Convertible car seats have the option of being faced rearward or forward. These car seats can also hold a toddler between twenty to forty pounds with a few models going all the way to sixty-five pounds. You ideally want to keep your child in a rear facing position until they are at least a year old and have reached the highest weight or height limit allowed by the convertible car seats.

Third, are the combination or custom car seats. Custom car seats provide you with the option of using a harness or a booster depending on your individual needs. Custom car seats can hold children that are at least one year old and weigh between twenty and a hundred pounds. These car seats provide you with the best practical options and are very safe car seats. The top recommended brand is Cosco Car Seats since they have received the highest safety rating. This doesn't mean that you can only buy Cosco Car Seats, but they have the best car seat ratings and when you are looking for the best baby car seat, you want something that is going to be safe. In addition, Cosco Car Seats are easy to get since you don't have to travel to a special car seats store in order to get one.

Another option is the booster seat. These are designed specifically for children from thirty to a hundred pounds. You don't want to switch to a booster seat until your child meets the top weight or height requirements of the car seat manufacturer. These replacement car seats are perfect intermediate option. You can use them as replacement car seats if your child doesn't fit properly into a car seat belt yet. Therefore, until you child fits into a car seat belt you should consider replacement car seats such as the booster seat.

Lastly, there are built-in or integrated car seats. You will often find these in Volvo and Chrysler minivans as a factory option. For many parents this can make life a lot easier. However, before choosing this option you want to consider the weight, age and height limitations from the manufacturer. These seats do meet car seat ratings for safety, but there have been problems with some models. So be sure to do your research before choosing this option to make sure you are getting a model with high car seat ratings.

New vs. Used Car Seats

When it comes to choosing the best car seats the question always comes up if you should buy a new one from a car seats store or if you can get used car seats. If possible, you want to get new portable car seats from a car seats store since they will be the better option for car seat safety. However, if you are going to get used car seats you should make sure they are less than six years old and have a clean history, you don't want to get something that has been in a crash before. The best option for car seat safety is to always buy new.
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